Monday, October 17, 2011

What the Wall Street and similar protests are about 
 Social Justice

 The media the political and financial elites all ask what the main ideas behind the protests.  They all fail to understand that it is simply about Social JusticeThe issues of the environment, which all come down to pollution.  The political, where people see that they are not represented by the governments that they elect, the need for electoral reformThe economic where people see that the middle class is getting smaller and the poor getting poorer. Where "welfare" for the poor, affordable medical and dental, and food for all, are things that the "elites" say that others have to just live with. That they just have to work harder to  live the dream.

But when the "elites" run into problems.  When their business begin to fail, they run to the government for the corporate welfare handouts.  The Free Enterprise System only applies to others, not the ones who are "to large to fail".  Just think about it.

These are my thoughts, 

I am Douglas Loudon Every one have a good day and take care.

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