Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Photography and a Note.

A nice August 3 2011. The wind cools the temperature so not so hot. The photography goes well. Got some very good photographs of a heron with a fish in its mouth. Have to walk by a beach to get to Brant's Creek estuary to do the photography of the heron. It is there every day I come down. As I walk by the beach I get the looks from the sun bathers, those looks that say don't take my picture. They miss the fact that they are in public and their pictures will get taken even if not by me. The art of street photography goes on all the time, there are photographers every where, not to mention the private and state run security cameras. The sun bathers provided very good photographic subjects and they will just have to take the photographers as they come and go. Photographers will just have to prepare to run when the offended subject gives chase.

have a good day.
By Douglas Loudon