Thursday, December 26, 2013

Take a Breath

Take a breath
A deep breath.
A moment

Oh well

By Douglas John Loudon

Monday, December 2, 2013

Gone for a while, But back

Much has happened
but not much to say
smart people see
the world every day
Or they think they SEE
Just Blind
not Mute
words, Words, wOrDS.
more talk.
The smell of coffee
Black Rat crossing the Kitchen floor
I see the next dominant

By Douglas John Loudon

Friday, March 22, 2013

War On Science: Or the hunt for an endangerd SPECIES

Do you Know that there is a war on Science in Canada?
Hard to Believe
But It Is TRUE.
Try to find a Government Scientist.
There are MANY
They are not an
If lucky you may find one.
BUT your luck may not 
Once caught
they may not
They CAN'T talk.
Can't tell us what they KNOW
what they
What may HAPPEN.

SHE is going
to TALK.
Government Communications
Hand held up
Scientist silenced
SCIENTIST walks away
says "talk to me I know what to say."
She  adds "Lets go for coffee
science is BORING"

Science is dying.
To Live SCIENCE must be PUBLIC
debated, discussed.

By: Douglas John Loudon

Monday, March 11, 2013

From The News

Are you willing to sacrifice the environment for short term jobs.  All mines have a productive life span, and what are you left with after. Anytime a company says that it will follow all government environmental rules you know things will go wrong.  It is simple.  Most government environmental regulations allow more toxic waste into the environment than the environment or people can handle.  Environmental rules are  to make things easier for companies and make governments look like they are doing the right thing.  They are not really there to protect the environment, they seldom do.  Protest and civil action do more to protect the environment.  You have to work so politicians feel that it is in their best interests to listen to the people on environmental matters.

From the News

Company defends gold mine project

by The Canadian Press - Story: 88586
Mar 10, 2013 / 11:30 am

A Vancouver mining company says its planned gold mine in Greece that has spurred local opposition isn't a threat to the environment.
Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets Saturday in Greece's second largest city of Thessaloniki to protest the Eldorado Gold Corp. mine set to operate east of the city.
Eldorado vice-president Nancy Woo says activists' concerns that the mine will pollute the environment are wrong.
She says the mine, which is set to begin digging soon, will follow the necessary European Union and Greek environmental rules.
Activists say the mine will put out toxic substances and throttle the local tourism industry.
But others living near the mine site on the Halkidiki peninsula say the project will pump badly needed jobs into the hard-hit Greek economy.
The Canadian Press

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Death of Fresh Water in Canada: A Harper Government Decree

To Save Two Million Dollars
Can you believe it,
Just to save two Million Dollars.
Harper's Government.
Fresh water lakes research projects in Ontario
To Save Two Million Dollars
But Wait 
They spend Billions on
Big Oil
Tar Sands
Oh Well
Some one has to speak out.
Someone has to shout.
Fresh water lakes research 
Projects in Ontario 
But is anyone listening.
does any one care.
Oh no. This is Canada.
It seems very few of us even
know what is happening
or even
We gave up on politics and causes.
We drink our Tim Hortons Coffee and say

By Douglas John Loudon  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Think I'm Asking Too Much: Or The State Of Public Apathy

I have spent some time reading today.
And a little more thinking about writing poetry
and other things. 
Thinking about how to get people to care about the world around them.  
Or more correctly to get people to SEE the world with eyes that actually see.
Yes to see.  Then to care, and act.
I may be asking too much.
I Know I am asking way too much.
For only when the house around them is a smoldering
husk, will sight become just slightly clearer,
and thinking about acting, a little less fuzzy.
They will just ask, whose fault it was.
Who do we Blame
and walk in circles with no idea of what to do.
For they don't give a thought to what they see,
in the seeing that they do.
They'll just turn their backs and walk away.
Thinking someone else will 

By  Douglas John Loudon

Friday, February 8, 2013

Will The Water Last

Duck Landing in pondTake a look.
 Clean air and water.
Then think about Tar Sands,  pipe lines,  many more oil tankers.
Add to that Fracking for shale gas, and the amount off water used and abused,  polluted air.
They can't even recover the Water from Shale Gas Fracking, They pipe it back deep into the ground to store it.   
Toxic waste, deadlyMan made Earth Quakes.
All for Money. The Economy.
Think About That Duck Landing 
Think About Your Children And Grandchildren.  Think about Short Term Economic Benefit.
Will It Be Worth It In The End.
Think Long, Think Informed.

Watch The Nature Of Things With David Susuki,  Shattered Ground

It will open your eye's

By Douglas John Loudon

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Idle No More, Enbridge Pipeline Protest. Kelowna BC Canada

Here are a Few Links to Videos shot at the Idle No More, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline protests in Kelowna BC Canada on January 28, 2013.  You may have to listen carefully.

Woman Speaking

Spirit Bear: A Short Talk

Protest Song

Circle Dance

Harper China Pipeline

Some Photographs of the protest

 By Douglas John Loudon