Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Kelowna Protest

Occupy Kelowna Protest
  Just got in form the Kelowna protest down by the sails.  It move from Kerry park where it started earlier in the day October 22, ending up at the sails with one tepee set up by some members of the West Bank First Nation.  A very small number of protesters were there at 10 pm.  People ranging in age from late teens to people in their 60's,  no more than 15.  The Protest was peaceful.  Police and by law officers showed up in force, about 15 in all, with motor cycle office, one paddy wagon, bylaw van and a number of police cars to make sure the tepee was taken down.  Which police took down shortly after 11 pm.

  Considering the number of protesters to  police, the Kelowna protesters should consider this protest a success considering the number of police resources tied up.  A lot less could have been used, though one plain clothed officer said there were thing that I did not know.  Suggesting that they needed that many officers. Even when it was clear to everyone that the tepee would come down peacefully all the officers still stayed.  Clearly a waist of most of the officers time.
Got a number of photographs from the start of the protest and then some at the end.  Will post those tomorrow as I have to download them from the camera, and need some sleep now as it is 1:20 am on the 23 of October.

Lastly, and sadly there were no local media there, as with most things in this town the media will be late or miss.  We will just have to do with this small blog.

 everything here is by me  Douglas Loudon.    Everyone have a good night and take care.

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