Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Kelowna. Civil Disobedience With No Disobedience.

Occupy Kelowna. Civil Disobedience With No Disobedience.

The Kelowna protest Photographs, not all here are protesters some are just observers.

A very small protest that from the start was cooperative with the authorities.  They did everything that was wanted of them.  A small protest that went off with no confrontation  and would have not been effective except for the excessive police presence to take down the tepee.  The tying up of police resources far beyond what was needed even after they knew the protest would be peaceful and cooperative. The protesters numbered no more that 15, and there were at least 15 RCMP.  The police acted very pleasant and there was civil conversation between police protesters and bystanders. Only one young man used a little profanity, an office briefly confronted him over that,  54 year old protester Neil Magnuson with a medical exemption for medical marijuana had a heated discussion with one officer who confiscated and ground Magnuson's joint into the ground.  Near the end of the protest people showed up with timbits and doughnuts and muffins, for protesters, officers, and bystanders. "Very Canadian"

This protest showed that even a small group with diverse issues and agendas can be effective in the beginning stages of a protest movement.  The tying up of police resources the cost that goes with this, and that most of these officers could have being doing more useful police work.  Though one plain clothed officer said that I did not know everything. I assume this was said to justify the number of RCMP.  The protesters from the beginning of the day until the end at about midnight, who talked to authorities all said that they would be obeying city bylaws and would be peaceful.
This protest and others like it are the beginnings of a Social Justice Movement.

The only sad point is that none of the mainstream media were present.  We all must ask them why.

Events as seen and recorded By Douglas John Loudon

Photographs went out of order as I added them, I appologize.

Events as seen and recorded by  Douglas John Loudon

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