Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Journey Continues... But The Starting Place is the Same

The Journey begins with a thought

Each journey begins with a thought. Conscious or not. Space and time and being. The journey has already started, not of our own but that does not matter. It began on a beautiful day.

A beautiful day

It is a beautiful day for a walk
the sun is shinning
she steps out her door
and down the street.
He is walking towards her
they know each other
she smiles
he smiles
"Hello" she says
"Hi" is the reply
the knife slices open her belly
the child hits the pavement
he walks away
a tear in her eye
now dead
he sits on a bench
lays the knife beside him
and waits
women scream
freedoms fall
the first policeman he shoots dead
the second he cripples
the third nothing
did not hear the blast
the man
the bench
the neighbourhood
freedoms gone

collateral damage

a woman looks down
her stomach sliced open
her child dying on the dirt
a tear in her eye
now dead.

Just a thought. Have we given up too many of our freedoms and rights out of fear of what may happen? Where has our courage gone to protect the democratic life that we have. It has given way to fear and overreaction. To live in a free and democratic society, we have to take responsibility for our well being, and that of all minorities within our societies, without curtailing those rights and freedoms that have been gained in the past. Take a close look to what governments have done, and what else they want to do. It is up to each of us to make our voices heard. If we do not now make our voices heard they may never be.

It does not matter your political stripe. What matters is that proper political discussions take place without the rhetoric .

There was an America philosopher John Dewey, one of the books he wrote is called "Freedom and Culture." It may be a good place to start, remembering the knowings, and knowledge of the past, or we may just have many more "beautiful days."
I am Douglas Loudon, have a good day

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Take a Look

Take A look at the world around, and really see.

Your Eyes may open wide and your breath sucked from you.

Good, Bad, or Don't Care, that is for you to decide.

Most just don't care.

Time for a nap.

By Douglas John Loudon