Saturday, August 9, 2014

You can drink the water

A wall breaks
Toxic pond empties
A lake dies.

You can drink the water
it is within standards.

Death smiles
Knowing that they will 
never learn.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Smile And Odor

Smile and Odor

Grandson reaches out for me.
First time.
7 months old.
New teeth showing through his smile.
Full of joy.
Smiles never ending.
Pulls at my moustache.

A sound from down below.
A squeal, a grin, the odor.
My wife has a smile for me.
“Your turn.”

I’m off to change his messy diaper.
Nothing more important
In the world.


By Douglas John Loudon
 Listening to the Radio

I sit. Listening to the radio.
Good news car sales are up though out the world.
The Third and Second world are catching up to the First.
Human kind moves closer to Extinction.
No knowing. No Understanding.
An ocean of education
Few of the wise to show for it.
Just ignorance.


I get it now
A mass suicide.
Global scale.

No one
No one

Just drinking their coffee.
That smells good.

By Douglas John Loudon