Friday, February 8, 2013

Will The Water Last

Duck Landing in pondTake a look.
 Clean air and water.
Then think about Tar Sands,  pipe lines,  many more oil tankers.
Add to that Fracking for shale gas, and the amount off water used and abused,  polluted air.
They can't even recover the Water from Shale Gas Fracking, They pipe it back deep into the ground to store it.   
Toxic waste, deadlyMan made Earth Quakes.
All for Money. The Economy.
Think About That Duck Landing 
Think About Your Children And Grandchildren.  Think about Short Term Economic Benefit.
Will It Be Worth It In The End.
Think Long, Think Informed.

Watch The Nature Of Things With David Susuki,  Shattered Ground

It will open your eye's

By Douglas John Loudon

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